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If you have extra and unopened diabetic supplies that you won’t need, we will pay you top-dollar cash guaranteed. Diabetic test strips can be lifesaving for people who need them. Don’t let yours go to waste. Use the cash paid for diabetic test strips to pay your bills or pad your pockets. We pay up to $60 per box, depending on the brand, and we cover all shipping costs. The process is fast, free and easy! As a diabetic myself, it’s important to me that I give back by supplying lower-cost diabetic supplies to diabetics who are low-income or who lack insurance. When you sell diabetic test strips, you will be helping diabetics in need while also putting money in your pocket. Will you help with my mission?

How It Works:

  • Quote. Choose your products above and send us the details of what you are shipping us. You will get an immediate top dollar offer.
  • Choose. You will be paid in 24 hours or less by Paypal or check. Your choice.
  • Mail. We can mail you a shipping kit or send you a shipping label by email. Either way, we cover all expenses and will send you a free box if you need one.

How you will get paid

The day we receive your shipment (2-3 days after you mail it to us) you will get your cash paid for test strips. You will be able to track its progress to us. We process payments every day for orders received that day. We can send your payment via Paypal or check by mail. You can trust we will send the money because we are a top buyer of diabetic supplies for over 10 years and want to earn your trust so you want to do business with us again. Cash in now and help others in need. A true win-win! Many Blessings,

seller-test-rightAs a college student, money is tight. Since I am managing my diabetes better I don’t need to test so often and the money you pay me for my test strips helps with books and other expenses. Thanks! Edmond Aser

seller-test-leftI am a repeat customer with www.Cashinteststrips.com. I am very happy with the responses received and the quick turn around time receiving my check. I will continue to use only this site when I have extra strips to sell.HONEST and RELIABLE, no need to say more! Judy R from Michigan